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Bespoke Business Training solutions as unique as you are


Upskill Your Business

Redstart UK provides proactive organisations with practical and cost-effective HR Training and support.

We have the essential experience and competence to ensure our customers thrive by upskilling whilst safeguarding themselves against ever-changing and increasingly complex employment legislation.

Made for you! We tailor our training to fit your needs

Our tailored training programmes are designed to specifically meet the strategic needs of our clients.

We develop a wide range of unique courses, based upon our clients’ training needs and delivered by an experienced, expert trainer.

Why train with Redstart UK?

Improve employee performance, which positively impacts company growth
Access to an expert HR trainer who is there for you every step of the way
Get a variety of HR and business expertise from one single source
Tailor-made courses to meet your individual needs
Ensure your team is up to date with the latest HR practices
Upskill your employees so they succeed and develop in their roles

Training & Development is important to…


Operate more efficiently and have a positive effect on the bottom line. Ensuring legal compliance.


Don’t get caught out!  Ensure you are complying with the latest employment legislation. Developing an effective people strategy.


Retain talent and plan for the future by having an effective people training strategy.  Strengthen skills and move to a higher level. Supporting culture change & enhancing values.


Ensure staff demonstrate corporate values and transform the culture of your organisation.


Building a good reputation requires effort, patience and time. Make sure you are viewed by others positively.


At Redstart UK we guarantee excellence. We are committed to helping you deliver your strategy and improve your financial performance.



Other Services

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Retained HR Service

Let Redstart UK do all the work with our Retained HR Service.​

Our annual retainer guarantees you unlimited HR advice and expertise at a fixed annual price for complete support and peace of mind.

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Pay-As-You-Go HR

Don’t want a retained HR package? Then try our Pay-as-you-go service.

We can provide you with remote or onsite HR support, on your terms, as and when you need it.

No monthly fees!

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